• The tenant shall neither have his/her main residence on the premises nor perform any professional work there. The tenant declares that he/she has registered as a student, or will register as such in the course of the academic year in which this agreement falls, or that he/she is renting the premises in the framework of a traineeship relating to a course of study at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Erasmus University College Brussels or Vesalius College.



Rooms that are not left cleaned shall be cleaned at the student’s expense. The fixed cleaning rate amounts to EUR 100, without prejudice to the landlord’s right to charge the actual cleaning costs. Where appropriate, the cleaning costs shall be charged to the rental guarantee.

Rental agreement renewal

Any tacit renewal is expressly excluded. Consequently, any application for renewal of the rental agreement must be made to the landlord in writing no later than on 31 May of the current academic year.


The rental agreement may be terminated early by the landlord by giving one month’s notice in the following situations:

  • (i) if the rent that is to be paid monthly is at least 2 months in arrears and every reasonable attempt to solve the problem has failed;
  • (ii) If the tenant does not comply with the house rules despite having received two warnings. The first warning shall be sent by email, the second by registered letter, possibly to the parents or guardian. The tenant may terminate the agreement early on condition that a new tenant who is acceptable is found for the room, without prejudice to the landlord’s right to charge an administrative fee of EUR 200. The existing agreement shall be dissolved at the moment the new agreement takes effect.

In all other cases, besides forfeiting the guarantee, the tenant shall pay all costs, advances and expenses arising from the breach of contract, as well as all rental amounts and charges due until the end of the rental period.


The landlord may terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect in the following situation:

  • (i) For serious reasons attributable to the behaviour of the tenant that is jeopardising the purpose of the premises as student accommodations. The termination must be reasoned and served by registered letter.
  • (ii) in the case of gross negligence (such as - but not limited to - causing serious damage, the use of dangerous substances (petrol, gas, and the like) or devices (barbecue and gas heaters), use of and dealing in forbidden substances) on the tenant’s part.

If the landlord terminates the agreement with immediate effect on the grounds of the above-mentioned reasons it shall mean that the guarantee is forfeited and that the tenant shall pay all costs, advances and expenses incurred, as well as all rental amounts and charges due until the end of the rental period, without prejudice to the landlord’s right to claim further compensation for damages.


The rental agreement shall be dissolved by the death of the tenant or if the conditions for allocation of a room (as referred to in Article 1) are not, or continue to be, unfulfilled.

Article 3 - PAYMENTS

  • Every final statement shall be considered as accepted 14 days after sending and shall be settled within the same period. In the event of late payment, fixed compensation of EUR 50 shall be due by operation of law and without any further notification of default.


  • For bookings of more than 10 people, we speak of a group reservation, subject to other conditions.
  • Please contact the U-Residence administrator by email: info@u-residence.be​


  • Technical maintenance and repairs shall be for the account of the landlord, in accordance with the legal provisions in this matter. The tenant shall inform the landlord as soon as possible in writing of any damage, loss or defect requiring repair. If he/she fails to do so, the tenant shall be obliged to bear the costs of such repairs. The landlord undertakes to carry out repairs as soon as possible.
  • The landlord undertakes to have the room cleaned every fortnight. Daily maintenance of the room is the responsibility of the tenant. The tenant must regularly clean the counter and sink unit, microwave (oven) and refrigerator.
  • If, during the tenancy, there are any problems relating to hygiene in the room, the landlord may clean the rented room thoroughly at the tenant’s expense after having sent the tenant written notification. The fixed cleaning rate amounts to EUR 100, without prejudice to the landlord’s right to charge the actual cleaning costs. Where appropriate, the cleaning costs shall be charged to the rental guarantee.
  • The tenant shall be responsible for damage to, or a decrease in the value of, the rented property caused by him/her or by third parties to whom he/she granted access to the room. The tenant shall take all precautions to prevent frost damage in the room. Tenants are presumed to be jointly and severally liable for non-attributable damage to the common spaces and the security installations, insofar as this does not concern repairs to be borne by the landlord, normal usage, maintenance or wear and tear.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to place or attach objects on the outer part of the windows or on the windowsills.
  • Placing a personal cylinder lock is not allowed.

Article 5 - GUARANTEE

  • After expiry of the term of the rental agreement, and after the proper and complete execution of the tenant’s undertakings and payments has been determined, this amount or balance shall be made available again by payment to the account number of the tenant. The guarantee serves to pay for, among other things, damage to the rented property and to the common spaces caused by the tenant or by third persons to whom he/she granted access to the room, and may also be used in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. Damage caused by normal usage, wear and tear or ageing shall not be the responsibility of the tenant.
  • Extra beds in the room is not possible.


  • When taking possession of the premises, in the event of major modifications and at the end of the rental agreement, both parties shall draw up and sign a detailed inventory of fixtures, as per the enclosed template, with both parties present. The property inventory is done free of charge.
  • <
  • If the tenant is absent when the property inventory is drawn up, the landlord shall draw it up and it shall be regarded as having been drawn up with both parties present. The property inventories shall be attached to this rental agreement and shall constitute a part of it.


  • The common spaces shall remain free from all obstacles (for security reasons).
  • The common spaces shall always be kept in an orderly state.

Article 8 - SAFETY

  • For reasons of safety, a kitchen stove, deep frying equipment, gas installations and/or additional heating appliances shall not be used, either in the room or in the common spaces, except for such equipment installed by the landlord.


  • The landlord undertakes to ensure the quiet enjoyment of the premises. It shall only have access to the rented property for purposes of hygiene and cleanliness, safety, technical maintenance and in the event of force majeure. However, the tenant shall have a flexible attitude in respect of granting visiting rights to potential tenants, and this shall be at least once a week in the period from March to September inclusive.
  • The tenant shall refrain from any behaviour that might disturb the peace and quiet of the co-tenants or neighbours, whether on his/her own part or that of third parties to whom he/she has granted access. Parties and the like are not allowed.
  • In the event of an emergency or misbehaviour the tenant must contact the emergency services by telephone (emergency number 100 or 112).
  • There shall be no recourse whatsoever possible vis-a-vis the landlord in respect of construction or renovation works, in the event of disruption of utilities (heating, water, electricity, doorbell and/or intercom, etc.), or in respect of personal injury suffered at any place whatsoever in the building
  • Keeping pets is forbidden.


  • The tenant is forbidden to hang his/her own wallpaper, drill holes, hammer nails, paint, draw or the like anywhere without the landlord’s prior permission. The tenant shall be charged for any repairs or replacements in accordance with the attached table of fixed replacement and repair charges. Tenants shall be charged a fixed cost of EUR 75 if they lose an electronic key.

Article 11 - INSURANCE

  • The landlord shall insure the building for the account of the tenants against the risk of fire, explosion, lightning strike, plane crash, water damage, storm damage, electrical damage and attacks. The landlord waives any recourse vis-a-vis the tenant in respect of damage to or loss of the building due to one of the aforementioned risks. The insurance cover the landlord is obliged to take out by virtue of this article does not cover the household items of the tenant or the tenant’s liability towards third parties. The tenant shall insure at his/her expense his/her personal household items against the risks that he/she considers useful, and shall waive any recourse against the landlord. In the event the rented property is unfit for habitation due to force majeure, the tenant shall not be entitled to demand any compensation from the landlord other than what may have been provided for in the fire insurance policy for the building.

Article 12 - CONTENTS OF THE - house rules

  • The tenant has taken cognizance of the contents of the house rules and undertakes to observe them. These documents are also present at a visible location in the common spaces and in the rooms of the building. Any changes shall also be indicated on them.


  • Notifications may be given by ordinary letter or email, unless it is expressly stated that they must be given by registered letter. Any change in the (email) address or telephone number of a party shall be immediately notified to another party.


  • The landlord is obliged to register the rental agreement. Registration is free of charge and shall take place within two months after the signing of the rental agreement. The costs relating to any late registration shall be borne in full by the landlord.

Article 15 – NULLITY

  • The nullity of one of the provisions in this agreement shall not have any impact on the validity of the other provisions. In such case, the parties shall negotiate in good faith regarding the adaptation of the stipulation that was found to be null and void so as to ensure the same economic balance between the rights and duties of the parties as if the invalid stipulation had been valid. This agreement is subject to and shall be interpreted in accordance with Belgian law.

For any disputes relating to this rental agreement, the Justice of the Peace in Elsene shall be exclusively competent or, as the case may be, the Dutch-speaking Brussels Court of First Instance.