1. The tenant shall always act with due care and diligence and shall ensure that the building is not damaged.
  2. The entrance door(s) must always be locked properly for safety reasons and to prevent unauthorised persons from entering. In no case whatsoever may tenants lend their electronic key to third persons so that they can gain access to the building. For safety reasons, the landlord has had cameras fitted in the common spaces of the building. In no case whatsoever may emergency doors be blocked open.
  3. In order to ensure that other residents are able to get a good night’s sleep, the corridors must be kept quiet between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. The use of TV and audio sets, computers and musical instruments must be of such a nature that it does not disturb the other users of the building at any time whatsoever.
  4. The tenant is responsible for his/her visitors. The common spaces may in no case whatsoever be used as overnight accommodation.
  5. The tenant shall always ensure that the corridors and other common spaces are kept free of obstacles (no bicycles, luggage, rubbish bags, etc.) such that maintenance and emergency services can move about freely and for the purpose of evacuation.
  6. The tenant may not personally intervene with, repair or have someone repair any electrical or technical installations. The tenant must immediately notify the landlord of any defects. The landlord shall arrange for the repairs.
  7. The tenant shall ensure that windows and doors are always closed when he/she leaves the building. Windows and doors shall be opened and closed carefully.
  8. After the shower has been used, the water on the floor must be mopped up and the drains must be kept free of hair and waste.
  9. Taps (of the shower and washbasins) must be closed carefully after they have been used so that no water is wasted and water damage is avoided.
  10. Attention must be paid that no objects (e.g. wet wipes and sanitary towels) that can cause blockage end up in the toilet drainpipes. Only toilet paper may be flushed down the toilet. No toilet cleaning tablets may be fitted in the toilets as these often cause blockages. It is advisable to use detergents/de-scalers.
  11. It is forbidden to put up stickers, posters and notices on doors or windows. The landlord or its agents may remove these without any warning.
  12. Only the landlord or an agent appointed by the landlord may put up a ‘for sale’ or ‘to let’ notice.
  13. The tenant shall ensure that the waste in the room is both sorted and packed in accordance with the applicable instructions. All household waste must be deposited in the place in the building designated for this purpose (parking lot) and may not be left in the common spaces. The cleaning company is not responsible for removing and sorting waste.
  1. Any defects or malfunction must be reported to the landlord.
  2. The tenant may not use any electrical device exceeding 700 Watts.
  3. For fire safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to use deep fryers, toasters, gas cookers and gas lights, candles or any other type of flame.
  4. There is a general ban on smoking in the building.
  5. The tenant shall not fit any draping or decoration to the outside of the windows of the building. The landlord chooses the interior decoration. The tenant shall not fit his/her own flooring.
  6. Objects (posters, etc.) can be hung up by using reusable adhesive putty (Blu-Tack). As such, no holes may be drilled in the walls, floors or ceiling. The tenant shall be charged for any damage to the rented property.
  7. A specialised cleaning company cleans the rented room at regular intervals. The tenant must leave the room in such a state that it can be cleaned properly.
  8. Animals are not allowed in the building.
  9. Water and energy are valuable, so use them with care: switch off the heating and lights when leaving the room.
  10. Fire hoses, fire escapes and fire extinguishers may only be used in emergencies. Failure to observe this rule will result in a fine of EUR 250.
  11. Tenants who intentionally set off a false fire alarm (by smoking in the room or by violating the fire safety precautions) shall be required to pay for all ensuing costs.
  12. If there is a fire alarm all tenants must leave the building immediately in accordance with the evacuation route indicated (see plan in the room and in the corridor). The meeting point is outside the building at the athletic track and is indicated by the ‘meeting point’ pictogram.
  13. A UTP cable must be used to connect to the internet. It is expressly forbidden to install additional wireless networks oneself by setting up routers to provide internet access to multiple devices without the landlord’s explicit permission.
  14. Unless there are instructions to the contrary, communication with the landlord shall always be made at the following email address: info@u-residence.be This email address must be used to ask questions, obtain general information and report defects and necessary repairs. The tenant must always ensure that these addresses are not blocked by any spam filters.

The following telephone number can be called in the case of urgent problems and/or interventions: +32(0)2 263 52 98